My usual two week update…

I’m moving along on this new book in Dyalessia Games. With the writing I’ve finished yesterday, (Friday), I hit my 29k out of 50k word count. Since I didn’t plan on releasing this book until mid-October, I haven’t fallen behind on hitting my goal.

After this book is wrapped up, my plan is to work on book two of Rain’s trilogy, which will finish off the year, or will be a book I’ll release early in January.

I’m also going to make a boxed set for the first three books of Bastet’s Daughters, which will be published early in October.


Update on current book.

On Friday I hit 18,000 words in the new book set in the world of Dyalessia Games. Technically this is book four in the series, but I’m thinking I might make these new novels a seperate series since I have plans to write more about the Alexandria, Bess, and Melody.

Anyhow, I’m still on target to have this new book finished in October. With the new words I plan to put towards it this week, I’ll hit the halfway point, or be close to the halfway point.


With the changes taking place with Createspace, I’m changing the covers and updating my paperbacks since Amazon is closing down Createspace. Over the rest of this week, I’ll finish the cover updates. Once the books go live again, I’ll update the buy links for the paperbacks here on my web page.