Part One

Living next door to a family of witches, shape shifters, and more, Samantha should have been comfortable around some of the beings that were part of the world after The Event. Especially when Felia, Samantha’s best friend, could turn into a cheetah because of the power that Bastet has given to Felia, one of Bastet’s Daughters.

Upon waking one morning in her farmhouse, Samantha Redding thought that she was dreaming when she noticed the two women that stood on each side of her bed. One was a succubus. The other was an angel. Upon realizing that Samantha was awake and that the sight of the two was real, she wanted to understand why the two were in her bedroom.

Over the length of a day, the trio learned that information, and how their lives have been manipulated into forming a small family. This short tale is set in the world of Bastet’s Daughters.

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