With the current week of writing on the two books I’m working on, I ended the week with 19,000 words out of the 55,000+ word goal for Rainy Days book two. I also hit 10,000 words towards Elly of Ellyville. I’m still not sure what the end word count goal will be for this book, but I’d like to hit 55,000+ for this one.

I’ve also put together my schedule for 2019, which I plan to post on my web site once I post this update. For the last few hours I also changed all of my books, adding the current reading list to the books I published in 2017 and early 2018. I also fixed a few spelling errors which slipped through. The last change I made was putting a page at the end of each book listing my social media/web links, the same way I’ve did with Dyalessia Friends: Elly & Kitty.

Okay, this is my updated post for where things stand. I’ll be back next weekend with another update!


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