When I first decided to publish book one of Dyalessia Games, I wasn’t sure what I was doing when it came to building a back log of books. Plus, I didn’t have the knowledge or resources to understand/pay for the type of product I’d like to deliver.

This said, I’m working with an editor for the next few months to make my current books better than the way I’ve tried to do it with editing software, a reader, and my self-editing. This means I’ve decided I may not publish any of my longer novels for the rest of the year. However, if my editor can squeeze in enough time to finish any of my short stories, I may publish these to keep my back log growing.

I’m not going to stop writing but I’m cutting back to doing my 1k words a day from Monday to Friday. These words are going to be in whatever story I’m in the mood to write because I’ll have time to finish them, get covers made, self-edit them, and send them to the paid editor during the next six months.

When next year comes, I’ll have enough finished books to publish them one after another.

Sorry if my readers are upset about this plan, but it’s something I need to do to give you a better reading experience than the one I’ve tried to do by myself.



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