June 23rd…

Heya. It’s the weekend which means I need to write my weekly writing status.

I think I might have finished the second short story for Cleo and Petra. I’m waiting to hear what my reader thinks because I’m debating about adding another scene or not. Anyhow, if I do it won’t take me long. I’ve also self-edited this story over the weekend. It’ll be handed to the editor soon.

Otherwise, I’m still working on the prequel novel for my Bastet’s Daughters/Rainy Days series. I’m trying to finish this story before moving on to writing more of Heather’s and Sasha’s story or any of the others I’ve been thinking about or writing.

I did stick with my goal of writing 5k words for the week, so yay!

I’m also hoping to get round one of Rainy’s first book returned to me this week from the editor. Kind of anxious to see what changes I might have to make once she’s done going through this first book.

All right. This is all I have to say this week.


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