Hello August…

It’s August third, and the weekend, which means I need to write a new post on where I am in my writing.

This week wasn’t a good week. I had a scare which I thought might be a kidney stone. I spent two trips in the hospital emergency rooms until a doctor answered what was happening. Turns out my massage on Tuesday caused muscle spasms. So, I’ve been dealing with the pain since Wednesday.

Cleo & Petra’s second short story has been put through one round of edits. The editor can’t look at this story again until the seventh of August. I also sent the editor the finished story for The Event, but it won’t be looked at until September.

Heather’s and Sasha’s book is moving along. I only did 4,300 words this week because of the health problems. Still, this story is at 19,000 words of the 50,000 to 60,000 I’d like it to have.

I plan on Monday to returning to doing my 1k and 500 word counts. I’m going to start book two of Elly of Ellyville as the new 500 words a day story.

The last bit of news I have is I’ve uploaded the revised covers or the new covers to Pinterest and Facebook. I did this on my web page a while ago.

All right, this is a long post, so I’m done. I’ll have more to say next week!


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