August 17th…

Another weekend, another writing update.

I finished the last round of edits for Cleo’s and Petra’s second short story, so I plan on publishing it tomorrow (Sunday). I have to write the blurb/summary, which I think I’m going to do after I finish this update.

Heather’s and Sasha’s story is coming along. I added 5,100 words to it this week. So far, this story is at 29,000 words of the 50,000+ I’d like it to have.

Elly of Ellyville book two is also coming along. I skipped working on it on Friday because I was drained, but I didn’t mind because I was only 90 words off from my goal of adding 2,500 words. So far, I’ve hit 4,600 words done in this book.

The prequel book is still waiting for a slot with the editor, which won’t happen until September.

Okay. I believe this is everything for the week. I’ll return next week with another update.

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