August 25th…

I’m a day late on posting my weekly writing status because I’ve been playing way to much of the new Fire Emblem game on the Switch.

This week I didn’t hit my goals for my word count but I planned for this. Having a massage on Tuesday meant I didn’t feel like writing anything.

Heather’s and Sasha’s book is coming along. I have about four weeks left on reaching my 50k to 60k word goal. I’ve added 4,570 words to it this week and I’ve hit 34,000 words. So, I’ll be close to 40k by the end of this coming week.

Book two of Elly of Ellyville is coming along. The superhero and the archvillain have someone new to fight against. I didn’t reach my 2,500 words I wanted to write this week but still, I’m happy with 1,700. My current total for this story is at 6k words added.

I also worked on another project I want to write, which is another reason why I didn’t add much to the second superhero book. I’m not sure what my word count on these stories will be, but I’m thinking around 10k like my other short stories.

All right, back to work/writing tomorrow. I’ll have a new update next weekend.


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