September 15th…

I only finished 4k words in Heather’s and Sasha’s story this week. Tuesday was massage day, and I wasn’t going to write after getting a massage. Anyhow, I have half a scene left to write and this book is done. I’m thinking it’ll be finished by Wednesday.

I’m still plugging along with book two of my superhero series. This week I didn’t write much in it, but I’m going to rotate it into my 1k words a day schedule, which means I’ll finish it in about six weeks.

Okies. I don’t have anything more to say this week. It’s been a frustrating week, having to figure out my plans about certain things. One good thing about the week is Greedfall and Borderlands 3 came out, so I’ve been obsessed with playing Borderlands 3. Greedfall was fun for a few days, but I wanted to play Borderlands more than the new roleplaying game.


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