November 18th…

Ack. I’m late on posting this update. I decided to take the weekend off from being online and on the computer. So, I lost myself playing Final Fantasy XII. I forgot I bought a copy when they rereleased it for the Xbox One a while back.

Anyhow. Writing update. I finished my first short story for Crimson Rose. Self-edited it. Gave it to the reader. Fixed the errors she noticed.

Since I have a book for December and this short for January, I’ve slowed my writing to 500 words a day. I started a new story on Wednesday. So far, I’m at 1,600 words into it. By the end of this week, I should reach 4,100 words. I’m planning on adding 2,500 to this story until the new year.

Once 2020 arrives, I’ll return to adding 1k words a day to my stories.

This story is either a single book or trilogy. I’m not sure which until I get book one finished. If I have more ideas for these characters, I’ll add books two and three. Anyhow, this is a space opera story in my Bastet’s Daughters setting.

So, a new Daughter of the Egyptian goddess is off to her own adventure.

Okies. This is all I have for this week.


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