November 30th…

Gods, this month flew the same way the others have. To be honest, this year also felt like it did the same thing.

Lets see what do I have to say today? Thanksgiving was good. I’m glad its over though. Now to get through Christmas, New Years, and two birthdays. My parents had to be weird, being born on New Years Eve and New Years Day. Grins.

As for my words this week. I destroyed my goal. I wanted to do 2,500, or 500 a day from Monday through Friday. I overwrote this by almost 500 words. I was three words off from hitting 500. Sigh. Mutters. So, the story I hope to publish in February is coming along. With what I added this week, I’ve hit 7,389 words in it.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I plan on releasing the second book of Elly’s Tales. I wrote the blurb this weekend. I’ve had the book formatted for E-book for a while. I’ll put the paperback together tomorrow since I don’t publish the paperback until the E-book goes live.

As for gaming. I’m still playing the paint by number mobile game I found last week. Sims 4. And a few other mobile games like Lovestruck and Sims Mobile.

All right. I don’t have much else to add for this week. Next week it’ll be a new week and a new month. So, I’ll see if I can hit my 2,500 words again. I plan to take Tuesday off since it’s massage time again. The last three weeks went by quick.


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