December 8th, 2019.

Hello December! Can you believe it’s the last month for 2019? This year was a busy one for me. I think 2020 is going to be the same way.

All right. Writing update. I added 2980 words to this new story for Bastet’s Daughters. With the words I added this week, I’ve hit 10k words already. I plan to keep doing my 500 words a day Monday – Friday for this story during December. This should bring me to about 18k to 19k words written by the time December ends.

Next year I’m returning to doing 1k words a day in my main story and 500 or 250 in my others. My plan is to try to publish a story a month. My longer books will still take two or two a half months to finish. The shorter stories will supplement my longer ones. So, I plan to release more of Cleo and Petra’s shorts and more for Crimson Rose.

I spent a bit tonight updating my Pinterest account I use for writing. So, I added new images.

Gaming. I’ve been sticking with mobile games. The paint by number game. Harry Potter. Sims Mobile. Lovestruck.

I guess this is all I have to say for this week.


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