January 12th, 2020…

Another weekend, another writing update. I have the title for the new story for Bastet’s Daughters. It took me a while to think about what I wanted to call this book (or trilogy). As for the word count, I’m at 27,500. I added 4,100 words to it this week. Tuesday was massage day, so I didn’t do any writing. I didn’t feel like adding the missing 1k words over the weekend, so I skipped it. Besides, I don’t need this book finished until February. I should be around 32,000 words done when Friday comes.

The third short story for Cleo and Petra is coming along. I lowered the daily word count from 500 to 250. I’ll have this story done around the end of the January or early February. It’s not needed until March. At this time, I’m 3,100 words into the 10,000 words I’d like it to have. I plan on adding another 1,500 words to it this week.

Crimson’s Rose’s second short story is almost coming along. It’s my April release. So far I’ve written 2,400 words. This one will also be one I’ll add 1,500 to this week.

It’s time for my gaming news. I’m getting close to finishing another play through of Borderlands 3. Soon I’ll see what the casino is like. I’m still playing Lovestruck, and the paint by number games on my cell phone or Kindle. This weekend I delved back into Sims 4, which absorbed my time. I’m working on finishing the skills on the second sim of my family.


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