January 25th, 2020…

Heya all.

This week I added 320 words to the second story in Crimson Rose and 357 in the third story in Cleo’s and Petra’s adventures. I’ve felt horrible this week, so I neglected these two stories. Plus, I know they’re half written, so I’ll have time to finish them.

However, I added 5,296 words to Bastet’s Daughters in space. I’m focused on finishing this story since I have a few scenes left. Tonight, started my self-editing on it using the software I’ve used for years. I finished twenty pages. I’ll work on the other pages tomorrow and next weekend.

Gaming news, I’ve returned to playing mobile games and Diablo 3. There hasn’t been time for anything else. This is a short post this week because I don’t have much else to say.


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