February 8th, 2020…

As I said last week, I planned on finishing Acinonyx for my Bastet’s Daughters setting. I did this. Self-edited. Gave to my reader. Formatted it. Wrote the blurb/summary. I’m going to publish it tomorrow (Sunday the 9th).

Having finished this longer novel, I slotted Cleo’s next story into my 1k words a day. On Monday I believe I’ll finish this short story. I’ll work on self-editing and giving the printed pages to my reader next weekend. I still need a cover for this, but there’s time because this short story will be my March release.

I’m going to move the next short story for Crimson Rose into my 1k slot on Tuesday, I believe. It won’t take me long to finish it for the April release. This one I have the cover for already.

When these are done, I’m heading back to Dyalessia Games. Bess and Mira want their daughter to be born, so its time. They’ve been waiting months, when the idea came to me last year.

Okay. Gaming news. Things have been busy. So, I’ve been getting my Diablo 3 runs in. This is about all I can find time for at the moment.

Tomorrow I plan on releasing another video for my Youtube channel. I think I’m going to talk about some of the things I do for marketing. A lot of time I see this as a struggle by those who talk about it on Twitter.

Last week I said I’d start my new plan on sharing the books I’ve read for the week, so this is my list of what I’ve read for this week:

1) Twice Upon a Time by Erica Lee.
2) You Can Go Home by Mia Archer.
3) A Sacred Magic by Yasmine Galenorn is book nine of her Wild Hunt series.
4) Witch’s Oath by Terry Goodkind is the fourth short story in his Children of D’hara series.
5) Death’s Handmaiden by Niall Teasdale is book one of his Death’s Handmaiden series.
6) Boot Scootin’ Boogeyman by Lily Harper Hart is book three of her Hannah Hickok series.


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