March 8th, 2020…

Another weekend, another update.

I finished the second story in Crimson Rose. Self edited it. Printed. Gave to my reader. Sent to the editor. It’s on track for my April release.

Petra and Wren pestered me this week, so I started their new short story for Cleo and Petra. This will be story four. I was going to release story three today, but I’m holding off to see if the editor can squeeze it in and send it back to me by next weekend.

Bess’s and Mira’s novel is at 10k words. I added enough words to hit this goal. So yay! I’m working on more of this over the next two months.

Another new story idea came to be the other day. I wrote about it on Twitter and Facebook. I’m not sure when/if I’ll get time to work on this, but I’ll see what happens during the year or next year.

I uploaded my seventh video on my Youtube channel. Most of what I talked about this week is my adventures in editing.

Gaming news. Borderlands 3. I’m still playing Fl4k. I’m getting close to the finishing my first play through. This isn’t gaming news, but I finished one of the jigsaw puzzles I got a few Christmas’ ago. I’ve posted the pictures of the dragon puzzle on my Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram if anyone is interested.

Reading for the week:

The Bridge: Krynn by Erik Schubach is book four of his The Bridge series. 
Uprooting by Suzie Carr.
Half Light by Matt Doyle is book five of his Cassie Tam Files series. 
Two Hearts Together by Harper Bliss is the second short story of her Two Hearts Trilogy.

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