May 31st, 2020…

Virus update. We’ve reached 2,852 known cases and 218 dead, according to updates posted today. This means since last week we’ve had 204 new cases and 24 new deaths.

Book news. I’m done with the third short story for Crimson Rose. I’ve been working on the third story for Ellyville. I reached 8,085 words into the 40,000 to 50,000 I’d like it to have. With Crimson Rose being finished, I’ll slot Ellyville’s into my 1k words. Another new story set in Bastet’s Daughters came to me last week. I’ve been working on it. It’ll be my 500 word a day story for a bit.

I uploaded my nineteenth video on my Youtube channel. As usual, I talk about the same things I do here but maybe more.

Gaming news. Warcraft. I’ve tried to play once a day.

Last night was a stressful night after looting spread across Rochester. I’m not going to discuss it further in this post. If you want to hear how I feel, my sobbing in my video makes it clear.

Reading for the week:

1) Hex Type Thing by Amanda M. Lee is book five of her Moonstone Bay series.

2) No Crone Unturned by Amanda M. Lee is book three of her Spell’s Angels series.

3) Sinfully Delicious by Amanda M. Lee is book one of her Two Broomsticks Gas & Grill series.

4) The Girl Next Door by Chelsea M. Cameron.

5) A Game of Hearts by Natalie Brunwick.

6) The Light in You by Lisa Elliot.

7) Sedition by Erik Schubach is the fifth short story in his Fixit series

P.S. I dislike the new block editor WordPress changed to. It’s frustrating!


2 thoughts on “May 31st, 2020…”

  1. Awesome, it’s a great reading list, and a huge amount of words written.
    On a more serious matter, I’m sorry to hear the things that are happening in the world, especially in the place you are living. We are struggling with too much lately, don’t want to talk about either. Hugs to you.
    Having free time to play videogames is the best. Have a great week.

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    1. Thanks. I read about five books a week. It’s my thing. 🙂 Probably why I never know what’s going on with movies or TV shows. Grins. Yeah…. the world appears to be having a horrible year. Can we start 2020 over? 🙂 Losing myself in gaming helps, indeed!


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