June 14th, 2020…

Virus update. We’ve reached 3,211 known cases and 248 dead, according to updates posted yesterday. This means since last week we’ve had 119 new cases and 12 new deaths. Numbers fell this week, so woot. Not sure if they’ll stay this way.

Book news. I’m working on the third book for Ellyville. I’ve written 5,291 words in it this week. This means I overwrote my word count by 291. I did better last week, but this week was hard. I skipped writing on Friday, but hit my 1k words on Saturday when I felt better. So far, I’ve written 18,959 words into the 40,000 to 50,000 I’d like it to have.

I’ve received the paid editor suggestions for book one of Ellyville. I plan to go through them, doing three chapters a day. It’ll take me six days to update this older story. I also revised my first book for Bastet’s Daughters. I’m republishing it tonight.

I uploaded my twenty-first video on my Youtube channel. As usual, I talk about the same things I do here but maybe more.

Gaming news. Warcraft. Shaman still, but she’s max level and I’m not going to do the gear thread mill. So, once I finish off her quests, I’ll shelve her for a while. Still working on my dragon puzzle. Last of Us 2 comes out this week, so I might lose myself in it.

Reading for the week:

1) A Most Unlikely Hero 7 by Brandon Varnell is book seven of his A Most Unlikely Hero series.

2) Different Worlds by Lily Seabrooke.

3) Tablecloth Troubles by Juliette Harper is a short story in her Jinx Hamilton series.

4) Amy’s Rest by S R Silcox.

5) The Monstrous Seven by Lily Harper Hart is book four of her Hannah Hickok series.

P.S. I’ve started posting the covers on Pinterest.


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