August 9th, 2020…

Virus update. We’ve reached 4,735 known cases and 288 dead. This means since last week we’ve had 212 new cases and 3 new deaths. This includes the totals from today.

Book news. This week I added 4,082 words to the fourth story for Crimson Rose. I have ten days left of writing before it’s finished. This was another week where I’ve felt horrible, so I struggled on writing. However, I’ll finish this story before my September deadline. I’m publishing Ellyville’s story tonight. I plan to work on the edits for Acinonyx throughout the week and published the improved version next Sunday. (Sunday’s are my release days. Grins.)

Once Ellyville’s third story is live, I’ll send out my newsletter for August. (I’m thinking I’ll schedule these for Mondays)

I uploaded my twenty-ninth writing video on my YouTube channel. As usual, I talk about the same things I do here but maybe more. I’ve also been uploading gaming clips. Most are ten to twenty minutes long. On Wednesday I’m not sure what video game clip I’ll upload, but I’ll have something. Might be one from the collection I have for Borderlands 3.

Gaming news. I’ve finished the main quest in Sword Art Online. Taking a break from this game. It had so many cut scenes and gathering quests which annoyed me. I plan to play Diablo 3 until the Pathfinder RPG video game comes out for the console in a weekish. I’ve waited for this game for a year, although it’s been on the PC.

I returned to my dragon puzzle! Yay!

Reading for the week. The cover images are posted on Pinterest. I’m rereading the Dresden Files, so they’re on my list for a while.

1) Give Me Thorns by Elizabeth Andre.

2) Storm Front by Jim Butcher is book one of his Dresden Files series.

3) Fool Moon by Jim Butcher is book two of his Dresden Files series.

4) Grave Peril by Jim Butcher is book three of his Dresden Files series.

5) Summer Knight by Jim Butcher is book four of his Dresden Files series.

6) Death Masks by Jim Butcher is book five of his Dresden Files series.


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