August 30th, 2020…

Virus update. We’ve reached 5,202 known cases and 292 dead. This means since last week we’ve had 125 new cases and three new deaths. This includes the totals from today.

Book news. Added 4,500 words to Isabella’s, Cassidy’s, and David’s werewolf story for Bastet’s Daughters and Kira’s litRPG story. My current word count for the werewolf story is 4,700 words. I’d prefer this story to have 40k to 50k words. LitRPG is 3,600. Same with the 40k to 50k words.

If you want a free short story set in Bastet’s Daughters where Felia meets Bastet, I offer it if you join my mailing list.

I uploaded my thirtieth-second writing video on my YouTube channel. As usual, I talk about the same things I do here but maybe more. I’ve also been uploading gaming clips. Most are ten to twenty minutes long. I’m thinking I’ll upload a clip from Tell Me Why.

Gaming news. I stopped play Pathfinder: Kingmaker until they fix the memory leak and other bugs. So many on the console. Tell Me Why’s first chapter came out, and the next comes out on September 2nd. Interesting game. A lot of people are upset with this game because a character is transgender. Sigh. Kingdom of Amalur comes out next week. I enjoyed this when it was on the 360.

I haven’t started a new dragon puzzle. Haven’t had the time.

Reading for the week. The cover images are posted on Pinterest. I delved into my books this week, so this is a long list!

1) Peace Talks by Jim Butcher is book sixteen of his Dresden Files series.

2) Hopeless Romantic by Georgia Beers.

3) Negative Exposure by Koriana Brackson is book two of her Bijou Basin series.

4) Forever and a Day by Haley Cass is short stories about the characters from Those Who Wait.

5) Alsea Rising: Gathering Storm by Fletcher DeLancey is book nine of her Chronicles of Alsea.

6) Alsea Rising: Seventh Star by Fletcher DeLancey is book ten of her Chronicles of Alsea.

7) Strollers & Swings by Erica Lee is book two of her Sunsets and Shades series.

8) Foxy Lady by Cara Malone is book two of her A Fur-Ever Veterinary series.

9) Dr. De-Mona by Wayne and Ann Triskelion is book nine in thier Transformations series.

10) So Well As You by Lynn Galli is book three of her Scottish Charm series.

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