2021 plans…

The end of 2020 is here. I don’t have much to say about the year. We all know the horrible things which happened and the events where we experienced something wonderful. (Although, those were rare. Grins).

Anyhow, this is my end of the year post.

My plans for 2021 are:

1) Publish the first story of a werewolf trilogy. (The editor has it. Should be returned in January).

2) Publish the first story of a LitRPG trilogy. (I need to self edit it and give to beta reader. Should go to the editor in January. I need to get a cover made for it. I’ll publish it late Feb/early March.)

3) I’m writing the sixth and final 10k short for Cleo & Petra. I’ll finish it early January. (It’ll be held until February’s order to the editor. It’s another I need a cover for. Should be published in/around March/early April.)

4) Crimson Rose will return. I plan two 20k stories for 2021. One should be around April. The other, I’m not sure. (These will need covers made and be sent to the editor when I slot them in my schedule.)

5) Melody’s and Sarah’s second story for Dyalessia Games is another I plan for 2021. I wanted to do it in 2020, but I lost interest when the virus spread. I had no desire to write a road trip romance. (As usual, needs cover and editing.)

6) As for the other four stories? I’m not sure. I haven’t thought this far ahead. I believe I’ll add a second one to Acinonyx. They’ve been waiting at the edge of the solar system for a year. Grins.

7) I might start another series of 10k short stories. People have asked me what happens to Argia from my original Bastet’s Daughters trilogy. I might give them an answer.


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