January 3rd, 2021…

Virus update. We’ve reached 35,390 known cases and 592 dead. This means since last week we’ve had 4,255 new cases and 85 deaths. This includes the totals from today.

Book news. I halfway through the sixth 10k short for Cleo & Petra’s series. Self editing and filling in blank areas for Kira’s adventures through Bubastis, the virtual reality setting for the LitRPG stories will be something I’ll do this week.

I republished Melody’s & Sarah’s story for Dyalessia Games and the trilogy.

The free short story where Felia meets Bastet is one I offer on my mailing list.

I’ve changed my YouTube videos this year. I’m doing one a day.

Gaming news. Warcraft dailies/weeklies are ongoing. I’ve reached Act 2 in Dragon Quest XI. I’m close to three hundred hours into this game. I miss RPG’s where you spent hours in them and could level to 99!

Reading for the week. The cover images are posted on Pinterest.

1) The Argentum Project by M. Kistulot. (There’s two short stories.).

2) The Argentum Project part 11 by M. Kistulot.

3) The Ghost of a Memory by Bobbi Holmes is book twenty five of her Haunting Danielle series.

4) The Ghost and the Witches’ Coven by Bobbi Holmes is book twenty six of her Haunting Danielle series.


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