2 thoughts on “January 20th, 2021 YouTube.”

  1. You asked what we’ve realized or changed between learning grammar in school and now… I think one of the big ones for me is dialogue tags and how they don’t need to be ‘he said/she said’. Apparently you can utilize action as a dialogue tag and I think it’s pretty cool. One of those things I’ve adopted in my writing without a problem. I agree with you about the blond/e thing. I was taught the same thing only I’m seeing more corrections TO the extra ‘e’ on the end than the removal of it. I think maybe if you’re just consistent one way or another it’s not really a big deal. 🙂

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    1. Nods nods. Thanks for the answer. Doing action tags was something I’ve always done. Most of the time I don’t have said/replied/etc unless there’s nothing else I can do except use them. Interesting. I hadn’t noticed adding the E more than removing it. The article I found a year or two ago mentioned not using the extra letter. But yes, being consistent matters. It’s a reason I mentioned it to the editor because she’s flagged my spelling in every story and left a note about it in the werewolf one. I figured it was time to talk about it, since it’s extra work for her to “fix” my spelling.


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