Writing Update. June 19th, 2021…

My kidney disease hit me this week after a break of six/seven years. I’ve spent half the week in the hospital getting the stone removed and keeping the pain from overwhelming me.

However, this changed my writing plans. I lost three days work on the Acinonyx, which is 3,000 words. Plus, I didn’t finish the half of Gwen’s seventh Vella episode. I plan to return to them on Monday since my side hustle is on pause until I rest, heal, and take care of the doctor visits they want as follow ups.

I wanted to send my June newsletter earlier in the week, but I did it today since I was discharged this morning. I’ve neglected my YouTube videos for the same reason, but I plan to make one today about the hospital visit. My schedule for them will return to normal on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you want to join my newsletter the link is:

Mailing List Growth (mailchi.mp)


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