January 30th, 2022…

Book news. I added 2,500 words to Crimson Rose’s eighth 20k short story. I have about 12,400 words remaining to reach the word goal. I worked on the first story of Feyville earlier in the week. I added 634 words to it. I plan to focus on this one after I finish Crimson Rose’s newest story. I have 15,300 to 35,300 words to use, depending on the length.

I’ve written 12,100ish towards the 230,000 goal for the year.

The free short story where Felia meets Bastet is one I offer my web page. It was the story I gave to those on my mailing list, but I’ve decided I don’t want to do one.

YouTube videos when I have time in 2022. I plan on doing them throughout the week. TikTok will be the same. (I’ve been doing YouTube and TikTok late at night. It’s easier on me than doing them in the afternoon. I’m not rushing around/waiting for them to upload before dinner and leaving to do deliveries or work on my other businesses.)

Gaming news. No gaming. Busy.

Reading for the week. The cover images are posted on Pinterest.

1) A Quiet Life by Sienna Waters.

2) Freaky Gifts by Amanda M. Lee is book twelve of her Mystic Caravan series.

3) A Crone to Pick by Amanda M. Lee is book six of her Spell’s Angels series.

4) Follow the Crumbs by Amanda M. Lee is book four of her Two Broomsticks Gas & Grill series.

Personal note: I have a Ko-Fi page if anyone is willing to donate. I’ll use the income towards my writing.


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