Character Interview from Twitter.

On Sunday night, there’s a Twitter chat I spend an hour doing with some of the other indie authors. Tonight’s chat was about a character who isn’t a main character in our current work in progress. Below are the questions and answers from the Twitter chat.

Introduction Question: Who are you? What novel are you from? Who’s writing the novel?

Answer: I’m Rain or Rainy. I showed up as an eight year or so in the books involving my cousin because… I wanted to. I was not planned by my author, Scott, and later I’ll also have my own trilogy. In those, I’ll be around twenty years old.

Question: What is your relationship to the main character and how do you feel about them?

Answer: In the second book I showed up in, I befriended the main character and her lap is awesome to snuggle up into since I’m a kid. She’s also one of the mates/wives of my cousin. In my books, I’m the main character. So, it’s all about me. Laughs.

Question: What is the main conflict in the novel and how do you play into that conflict?

Answer: I figure out our home is about to be attacked due to the conflict between my cousin and one of the followers of Eris, the goddess of discord. She’s a right pain in our butts. In my story? All I know is I’m involved in a haunted house.

Question: What is your backstory? How has your author made you a unique character?

Answer: I was born during a powerful thunder storm. Water loves me, so much so that sometimes it decides to dump rain onto me if I get emotional or just because it wants to rain on me. On the other hand, I use water based magic with ease since as I said, water loves me.

Question: Where does you story take place? Do you like living there?

Answer: The family farm. I love everyone there and the land around it, even if my great (something) grandmother is kind of frightening. She’s old school, I’ll devour you if you anger me type. And then there’s the blasted haunted house I have yet to be introduced to.

Question: How do you evolve throughout the story? Do you have any major breakthroughs?

Answer: I do a little, only because of how I become friends with the main character. As I said, her lap is awesome to cuddle in and she lets me ramble on about anything. And plays dolls with me! Later, I grew up and now I want new things.

Question: If you had your own story, what would it be about? Do you know if your author has anything further planned for you?

Answer: I tortured my writer until he gave in to my demands. So yes, I shall return and have my own trilogy! Book one should be out later this year. He insisted he had to finish two other books first. I think he’s stalling! Or he likes my cousin more than me!

Last Question: Name one weird thing about yourself.

Answer: Besides being touched by water? I love my white hair w/ natural blue highlights in it. As I grew up, I let it grow longer so it reaches down to my knees or longer.


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