Character Interview Part Two.

As I said last week, there’s a Twitter chat on Sunday night. These are the answers to the questions the host asked tonight.

Introduction Question: Who are you? What novel are you from? And who’s your author?

Answer: Sarah! I’m the owner of Night Readers, a book store/café/computer waystation. Current book is my story about how I meet Melody in book three of Dyalessia Games. Uh, author man over there is my author man.

Question 1: What do you do for a living and where are you from?

Answer: Oops. I gave it away, having said I run/own Night Readers. And originally? I’m from China town in San Fran. I miss my mama and papa since they’re still living in San Fran. At least my aunt and uncle on my ma’s side live where I now live, so I visit them all the time.

Question 2: Who is you sidekick and what is your favorite thing about them?

Answer: I guess it would be my best friend, but at this point I don’t know what her name is since her name is currently (Add name here) in author man’s story. He is lazy about naming people until he is near the end of his work.

Question 3: What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

Answer: Snow! I had to find out how much snow falls in the upper half of NY. San Fran does not get dumped on with snow like Rochy does. Meeting new people has been a challenge also even though I have my store. Asians are not something you find a lot of in Rochy.

Question 4: What do you like to do in your free time?

Answer: Gaming, specifically video games. But I also play some table top. I also love to sketch. I have my pad and pencils with me every where I go. Melody and her friends and family will drag me into (redacted!). Oops, author man yelled at me!

Question 5: What is you favorite food and why?

Answer: Rice and veggies. I found out being a vegan in Rochy is a lot more of a struggle than being in San Fran and in China Town. But I’ve found some restaurants where I can order from even if it took a while to find them.

Question 6: If you had a blog, what would you blog about?

Answer: The customers who come into Night Readers. With the way my store is set up, I get a lot of weird people as customers. It doesn’t help that Dyalessia Games, the video game company Melody co-owns, is across the street. So, her employees are part of the weird people. I’d also post the images of my sketches.

Question 7: What do you have to have with you at all times?

Answer: My sketch pad and pencils, as I mentioned. I’ll toss in my set of keys to my car, Night Readers, and my apartment. It would suck to lose the collection of my keys!

Question 8: What makes you unique?

Answer: Um. Uh. I dunno. I guess I could say my height since I’m short. I know! I know! I managed to whip Melody’s butt in one of the Player vs. Player arenas in her own video game. And she designed those arenas! I get to brag about it a lot when I met her in author man’s book.


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