December 1st…

It’s December? Where did all of November go? It feels as if the last month started not long ago, and now it’s over all ready?

Rainy Days: Drizzle, or book two, is moving along. I have about five weeks left of writing to hit my 55k goal. Last night I ended my writing week by hitting my 30k word count goal. I’m happy with this, and the book is coming together. Although I still have to write the two main plots I want to include in this second book.

Elly of Ellyville is also coming together. It took me time to think about certain scenes in this book, but now I have a better idea on where this book is heading. I hit 15k words in this story so far, but the one thing I’m still not sure about is what the ending word count will be. I guess, when the book feels done, this will be the ending word count.

All right, this is where I am with the two books I’m working on. I’ll be back next week with another update.


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