December 8th…

It’s a week later since I wrote my update from last week. I don’t have much to say this week, beyond posting the word count goals I hit this week.

Rainy Days: Drizzle, or book two, is coming along. I’ve hit 36,000 words in this new book, which means I hit my 5k goal for the week. I’m happy because all the extra words I’ve added while writing this book pushed my word limit goal over by 1k.

I’ve hit 19k words in Elly of Ellyville. So, this book is getting close to being half written, if I stick with my 55k words I try hit with each of my books from now on. I’m still not sure if this book will be this long, but I’ll find out. When the book feels done, I’ll end it.

All right. I’ll be back next weekend with my usual update.


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