March 23rd…

Heya all.

Time for this week’s writing status. I think I finished book two of Alex’s and Christie’s story for Dyalessia Games. My reader is working through any errors she might find, which means I’m fixing those problems. Anyhow, I’m still holding this book until April because I already released a book for March.

The prequel book to Bastet’s Daughters/Rainy Days which explains the way the world changed is coming along. I hit 5,300 words so far. I’m not sure what my word count goal is for this story, but I’d like to hit my usual 50,000+. I’ll have to see.

Monday I start a new book. I’m thinkin it’ll be the third book in Rainy’s trilogy because I’d like to finish this trilogy before moving on to something else.

Anyhow, this is all I have to say for this week.


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