March 16th Update

Hey all, the weekend arrived which means it’s time for another writing status update. With book one of Elly’s Tales released last week, I started on my next book. However, the first half of this update is about Alex’s and Christie’s second book for Dyalessia Games. I hit 51,700 words with this weeks writing, and I have a few scenes left to finish.

Over the weekend I’m going to work on editing this book. I might also add the cover to my web page, and to my social media accounts.

As I said above, I’m working on the prequel novel to explain The Event in my Bastet’s Daughters and Rainy Days trilogies. This is my current 500 words a day novel, and so far I’ve hit 2,800 words during the first week I’ve worked on this book. So, I hit my word count and more!

All right, this is everything I have to say this week.


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