June 1st…

May ended before I realized the month was gone. I had a tough week because last Sunday I threw my back out, which happens about twice a year. It’s taken me all week to feel better, and my back is still aching from what happened.

Anyhow, I’m working on finishing Rainy’s third book. I have one major scene left to write, which will push my word count over the 50k words I’d like it to have. At the moment, I’m at 49k for this story.

The prequel novel is at 29,800 words. I realize I wanted to hit 30k words on this book, but the missing two hundred words doesn’t bother me much.

Cleo’s and Petra’s second short story is at 1,960 words. I have the rest of June to finish this short story, and to reach the 10k words I’d like this story to have.

I also sat down and put a short story I wrote in 2017 through another round of editing and I rewrote a lot of the passages. This means Bastet’s Daughter: Samantha Redding has been cleaned of the thousand or more thats I left in this story, not knowing at the time this was one of the words you’re supposed to try to remove. Now, I hope this story reads better than it did, much like Dyalessia Games: Alex & Christie reads as a better story because of the editing I did on this book.

I’m working on the remaining books, giving them another round of edits and converting them to the Kindle Create files, but it’s a project I won’t finish for a while.


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