June 9th…

I finished writing Rainy’s third book, and I plan on publishing the e-book later tonight (Sunday). Once the e-book goes live, I’ll publish the paperback version.

The prequel book is still coming along. I’ve hit 32,000 words. I’m behind on this story by 500 words, but I’m not concerned about the missing words. I might reach the goal during the rest of the time I spend writing this book.

Cleo & Petra’s second short story is progressing. I’ve hit 4,100 words out of the 10k I’d like this story to have. I need to work on more of this story to finish it by July.

This week I’m starting book two of Dyalessia Friends. Heather and Sasha have been pestering me to write their story, which means it’s time to work on this book.

I also had a silly idea over the weekend, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this idea. I’ll have to see where this idea takes me.

All right, this is all I have to say for this weeks update.


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