October 19th…

Another weekend means another writing update. This week I managed to over write book two of Ellyville. So, this next superhero book is coming along. I pushed out 5,200 words. At this time, this book is at 32,000 words out of the 50,000+ I’d like it to have. It should be finished in about four weeks. However, I don’t need it until December because I’m releasing Heather’s and Sasha’s book for Dyalessia Friends in November.

Once I finish Elly’s Tales book two, I plan on taking most of November and December off/slowing down until the new year. There’s to many holidays and family things happening for the rest of the year.

My other story, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with because it’s not connected to Dyalessia or the World of Bastet’s Daughters. However, it’s nice to write something new. I’ve lived in Dyalessia or Bastet’s world since 2017, which means all my books have expanded those settings. So far, I’ve hit 11,000 words in this new story. I admit, I didn’t write my 500 words for it on Friday but during the week I added 2,400 words. I’m not upset about the missing 100 words.

I’m not sure if people noticed, but I’ve been posting more of images on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest of the things I’m baking or cooking. I figured I’d use my culinary degree for something. Grins.

Gaming news. I’m still playing Borderlands 3, but I’m tired of it now. It’s an okay game, but the replay value isn’t there for me. I’ve gone back to working on Diablo 3. I’m still trying to make my way to the 700th paragon levels.

However, The Outer Worlds comes out next week, so I might be playing this instead.

All right. I have nothing more to report for what I did throughout the week.


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