October 27th…

Evening all.

It’s time for my weekly writing status. I didn’t write on Tuesday because it was massage day. Anyhow, I still added 4,100 words to book two of Ellyville. This superhero story is almost finished. I think I’ll work on it for another two weeks to reach the 50k+ words I’d like it to have. So far, I’m at 37,000.

My other story is coming along. It’s still nice to write something new. I’ve worked on Dyalessia and World of Bastet’s Daughters for two and a half years. So, coming up with a new idea is refreshing. I didn’t hit my word goal for this story, but I’m not upset about it. I still need a cover made, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this/when I’ll publish it. Anyhow, I added 1,700 words to this story.

As for gaming news. I’ve been absorbed with The Outer Worlds. It reminds me of Fallout, but with sci-fi. Still, I’m enjoying this game. This is also why my post is a day late.

Okay. This is everything I have to say this week. I can’t believe it’ll be November when I post my next update.


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