November 3rd…

I’m writing my weekly status update early. Daylight Savings messed with my sleep, so I’m awake earlier than usual.

Book two of Elly of Ellyville is about a week or a week and half from being finished. I worked on it all week. This time I added 4,950 words to it. I didn’t hit my 5k goal, but it was a busy week with Halloween and taking care of other life things. I still have a month to finish this story because I plan on publishing it in December. It’ll be finished long before this happens. As for the total word count so far, I’m at 42,000 out of the 50k+ I’d like it to have.

The first story for Crimson Rose (my new series/shorts) is coming along. I’ve reached 15,000 words in it. I’m going to finish this story maybe this week or next. I’m not in a hurry to get it done. I still need a cover, and I might not publish it until next year. This week I added 2,300 words to it. It was another week where I didn’t hit my 2,500 goal, but by Friday I was done.

Gaming news. I finished a play through of The Outer Worlds. It’s a fun game, but I hope they add more content to the setting. There’s a lot of places they can take the story, so I’m hopeing. News from Blizzard came out at Blizzcon about Diablo 4 and the next expansion for Warcraft. I’ve returned to playing Diablo 3. I’m trying to use the greater rift tokens I’ve collected. I have about two hundred more to us. Grins.

Okay. I’m almost heading off to work on self-editing book two of Ellyville once I post this.


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