December 22nd…

Quick update. Busy week, and next week will be the same.

I added 2,825 words to this current story in Bastet’s Daughters. I wanted to add 2,500, which means I hit my goal and more. This book is at 15,900 words out of the 40,000 to 50,000 I’d like it to have. So, things are progressing. I have the rest of December and January to finish it.

This coming week I’m not sure if I’ll hit my word goal, but I’ll see. Lot of things to do for Christmas.

Gaming news. I’m still playing the same mobile games. Diablo 3. Sims 4. I’ve also started playing Pokémon Sword. Interesting game. I need to level my Pokémon more since the fights are hard at this point.

I’ll have my new story published on the 5th of January. I need to get motivated to format it and write the blurb/summary.


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