Almost 2020…

Another weekend update on what I accomplished this week. I added 2,790 words to this new story in Bastet’s Daughters. I’m at 18,800 words done. Monday and Tuesday I’m sticking to my 500 words a day. But after 2020 starts, it’s back to doing 1k words a day to get this story finished. I’ll also hit 500 or 250 words in my other stories.

Moving on to whats coming next year. I have a estimated schedule for 2020.

January 5th is story one for Crimson Rose.
February is this new book in the (trilogy?) set in Bastet’s Daughters.
March is story three for Cleo and Petra. Cleo returns to further her adventures.
April is story two for Crimson Rose.
May might be the second book for Bess and Mira.
June is story four for Cleo and Petra. Petra will be the focus on this one.
July will be the third story for Crimson Rose.
August is another 40k to 50k novel. I have no idea what it’ll be yet, but I’ll see what happens. (Maybe it’ll be the third story for Elly of Ellyville. I’d like to make a trilogy so I can make a boxset/compilation.)
September is story five for Cleo and Petra. Cleo again has more adventures.
October is story four for Crimson Rose.
November and December, I’m not sure yet. Might have a end of the year novel.

Gaming news. I didn’t do much this week. I have to replay my Kindle games because they didn’t transfer on the new Kindle I got for Christmas. I’m messing around leveling my Pokemon in Sword/Shield. Also played more Borderlands 3 because of the new DLC.


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