January 4th, 2020…

Heya all. It’s my first post for the new year. Let’s see. I’ve fixed the links to Ellyville. I made a mistake on those pages when I added those books to my web site. I’ve also added pages for the first story for Crimson Rose. It goes on sale tomorrow (Sunday).

I added 4,596 words to the new story set in Bastet’s Daughters. This space fantasy/sci-fi story is coming along. I hit 23,300 words in it. I plan for it to be another of my 40k to 50k stories. So, it’s about half done. I’ll reach this halfway goal by the end of this coming week.

With holidays and celebrations over, I returned to working on my 500 and 250 words stories along with my 1k words on my main story. Cleo and Petra’s third story is one I started this week. I’m going to cut it off at 10k words again. So far, I hit 1,825 words in it. I’ll have it finished by the end of January. It’ll go on sale in March. I still need a cover made for it.

The second story for Crimson Rose is also being written. I added 1,049 words in it. I plan to release this in April. It’ll be close to 20,000 words again.

Moving on from writing. I’m playing more of Borderlands 3 again. I still need to explore the casino but I want to finish the current play through before I do this. For my mobile gaming, I’ve been playing the paint by number game where you can build a house. I was close to finishing this on my other Kindle, but the data didn’t transfer over. I’m also playing Wordington again for the same reason. I’m close to reaching the place where I left off.



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