February 22nd, 2020…

Weekend is here, which means I need to write my writing status.

This week I added 4,505 words to my two stories. I worked on the second short story for Crimson Rose more than the second book for Bess’s and Mira’s story. I want to finish this short story before delving into Bess’s and Mira’s longer novel, which I plan for May.

Tomorrow I plan on releasing my fifth video on my Youtube channel.

Gaming news. I returned to playing Warcraft as I said last week. I also finished the casino in Borderlands 3. I’m working on my second character in Borderlands.

Books I read for the week are:

1) Witching Moon by Poppy Woods.
2) Freaky Fangs by Amanda M. Lee is book nine in her Mystic Caravan series.
3) Warrior Class: Sky Cutter by S. L. Kassidy is book one of her Warrior Class series.
4) Warrior Class: Taming Wind by S. L. Kassidy is book two of her Warrior Class series.

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