February 29th, 2020…

Hello all, it’s the weekend again. Time for my writing status post.

I have about a week left for the second story in Crimson Rose. I added 3,810 words to it this week. I wanted to get 5k, but I was exhausted on Thursday so I didn’t write.

Bess’ and Mira’s book two of Dyalessia Games, or book five in the series, is coming along. I added 2,753 words to it this week. I didn’t have a word goal in mind, since it’s my filler story at the moment. I’ll work harder on it in March and April. So far, I’ve hit 6,160 words into it. I’d like my usual 40k to 50k.

Cleo and Petra’s next short story is coming next weekend. I have to write the summary for it, but otherwise it’s finished. I formatted it earlier when I printed it off for my reader to look over.

Tomorrow I plan on releasing my sixth video on my Youtube channel. I’m not sure what I’ll talk about, but I have a vague idea about pricing and the income I make on my stories. I’ll have to see.

Gaming news. I returned to Borderlands 3. Working on the beastmaster character. I like this one more than the siren. Maybe because of the pet. It helps kill while I hide behind things and shoot cultists. YAY!

My reading this week is:

1) Then & Now by Monica McCallan. 
2) More Than Me by Sienna Waters is book one of her Hawkin Island series. 
3) Wicked Hour by Chloe Neill is book two of her Heirs of Chicagoland series. 
4) Demon’s Delight by Yasmine Galenorn is book six of her Bewitching Bedlam series. 
5) Mindsong by Carmen Caine is book six in her Cassidy Edwards series. 

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