April 19th, 2020.

Virus update before I get to my book info, gaming, and reading. In my county, there’s now 1000+ cases compared to the 700+ from last week. We’ve had seventy-one people die. Trader Joe’s now makes you wait outside because only a certain amount of people are allowed in and you must have a mask. Other stores are asking people to wear masks, but it’s not enforced. It should be enforced, but meh. Our stay at home has been extended to May 13th.

I finished Bess’ and Mira’s story on Wednesday. Completed the self edits. Gave to my reader. Corrected the errors she noticed. Sent to paid editor. I’m waiting for it to be returned. I plan for a May 10th release.

After finishing their story, I took two days off from writing. Tomorrow I plan to delve into the next two short stories. I need nine days of 1k words to finish part four of Cleo and Petra’s. I might do 500 words in part three of Crimson Rose. Otherwise, I’ll move it to my 1k words slot and get it done in twenty days. I think I’m going to return to Ellyville and write book three to finish the trilogy. It’ll give me a bundle also since I don’t have any for this year.

I uploaded my thirteenth video on my Youtube channel. Most of what I talked about on there is the same as what I did here.

Gaming news. Borderlands 3. I’ve finished my play through with Amara. Right now, I’m almost done with the casino. I’m eager to see the other download content with her. Once done, I plan to return to Fl4k. I lost myself in playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake. What a beautiful game, graphic wise. And the story was excellent. As for my puzzle, I’m almost done! Might start a new one next week. I have pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Reading for the week:

1)Wild Hearts by Bridget Essex. 
2) Good Composition by Lily Seabrooke.

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