April 26th, 2020…

Another virus update before I get to my book info, gaming, and reading. We’ve reached 1,200+ known cases and 106 dead, according to updates posted today. I don’t have much news about venturing out, beyond going to the grocery store. Many items are still hard to find. Last week we went to four stores for soy milk, couldn’t find any. In the end, we had to visit a small grocery store which had some. We’re still three weeks from ending the lock down in New York State. I don’t know if it’ll be extended.

I’m halfway through the paid edits for Bess’ and Mira’s story. It’s on schedule for a May 10th release.

I added 5,156 words to the forth short story for Cleo and Petra. I should finish it this week. After, I’ll working on the new short for Crimson Rose. Also, I plan on working on a longer novel. It’ll be my August release. I need covers made for all three of these. Might have to speak with my artist. Grins.

I uploaded my fourteenth video on my Youtube channel. Most of what I talked about on there is the same as what I did here.

Gaming news. Borderlands 3. I’ve finished my play through with Amara. The second download content was interesting. It has a creepy Lovecraft vibe to it. One boss annoyed me so much. His shields, immunity, jumping onto platforms, and the deaths was frustrating. Worst boss! Anyhow, I’m taking a break from Borderlands. Might returned to Diablo or cell phone games until Sword Art Online releases in May. As for my puzzle, I finished it. I have pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Reading for the week:

1) Those Who Wait by Haley Cass. This is a debut novel, as far as I can tell.
2) Flavor of the Month by Georgia Beers.
3) Every Slow Song by Erica Lee.
4) Live This Love by Jamey Moody.
5) Pet by S. Hawk is book one of his Pet series.
6) Grooming Emily by S. Hawk is book two of his Pet series.

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