July 19th, 2020…

Virus update. We’ve reached 4,185 known cases and 279 dead, according to updates posted yesterday. This means since last week we’ve had 221 new cases and 2 new deaths. I don’t have the updates for Sunday, so I’ll include them next week.

Book news. I’m working on Cleo’s new 10k short story. This week I added 5,600 words to it. So, I overwrote it by 600. I’ll finish it this coming week.

I uploaded my twenty-sixth writing video on my Youtube channel. As usual, I talk about the same things I do here but maybe more. I’ve also been uploading gaming clips. Most are ten to twenty minutes long. On Wednesday I plan to upload one for Sword Art Online’s newest game.

Gaming news. Sword Art Online. So much of it. I’m enjoying it, but the gathering quests are annoying. Finding thirty stones is boring. Grins. Otherwise, interesting story. There’s a lot to do in this game, which is nice. I took a new picture for my dragon puzzle and posted it on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Reading for the week. The cover images are posted on my Pinterest account.

1) Change of Heart by Hailey Edwards is book three of her Potentate of Atlanta series.

2) The Mountain Whispers by Ali Spooner is book one of her Cast Iron Farm series.

3) The End is Her by H. Claire Taylor is book seven of her Jessica Christ series.

4) Freedom, Humanity, and Other Delusions by Niall Teasdale is book three of his Death’s Handmaiden series.

5) Entangled by Melissa Brayden.

P.S. I started a mailing list. The page to join is: Linkage. This week I talked about how music influences my writing.


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